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We make 100% natural handcrafted soaps in small batches using the traditional cold process method with some modern, planet-friendly twists. This technique requires a lot of preparation and a minimum of 4-6 weeksof curing time, in order to ensure the highest quality and preserve the therapeutic benefits of our botanical ingredients. Our unique formula is brimming with a gorgeous blend of nourishing ingredients that Mother Nature offers. All our soaps have a luxuriousy rich, velvety lather, leaving your skin feeling deeply moisturised. Our products are scented with pure essential oils and coloured with natural clays, and include locally grown herbs and hand-processed organic fruit peels.

Our products contain absolutely No palm oil, No toxins, No harmful chemicals, No synthetic fragrances/colourants, No bleaching or foaming agents and No preservatives!!

We believe in the healing and restorative properties of natural botanical oils to promote healthy skin growth and restoration!

Is handmade soap bad for the face?

The big question that all soap-lovers want the true answers for!

Whenever you hear that “soap is not good, its pH is not for the face”, it is coming from the earlier days when soap was mainly for washing hands or just clothes. This old myth is based on commercial soap ingredients that are far away from handmade bars that modern artisans make.

The maker has the ability to have full control over the ingredients to balance out higher pH, based on their knowledge and experience.

PH-level in soaps

The natural pH-level of soaps is between 9 and 10. It is higher than the natural skin’s pH, which gives them cleansing properties.

When you see a low pH on the boxes of commercial bars, that’s because they use artificial chemicals to reduce the pH and many more synthetic agents to achieve a mild bar. These are called ‘syndet’ bars, which is not actually soap, but a SYNthetic DETergent. Their pH level might be lower, but in the long term, they can create serious skin problems, due to their artificial chemicals.

The bars you can find in stores from commercial brands are full of those nasty synthetic agents that we don’t want in contact with our skin.

However, there are natural versions of the syndet bars that contain synthetically made (but not synthetic!), naturally derived ingredients. You have to be very cautious about what you pick up from supermarkets’ shelves if you wish to avoid the nasty stuff.

How is the pH balanced out in handmade soaps?

When you wash your face with a correctly formulated handmade bar, your skin will get all it needs:

Cleansing (by the right pH)
Exfoliating (by added botanicals, clays, etc.)
Toning (by essential oils and botanicals)
Moisturising (by natural oils, butters and Glycerine)

The soap bar will cleanse, while the excess oils (superfat) and Glycerine will hydrate the skin without clogging the pores. It is a perfect balance without the dryness that you would normally get from commercial soaps.

What is superfat?

It is the extra oils in the formula that don’t turn into soap. Soapers are able to manage their level by adjusting the precised ingredient’s quantities. These excess oils remain in each bar to nourish the skin with every single wash. Our super fat level is between 7-10% which is ideal to create a nice, moisturising product without loosing the ideal, long lasting hardness of our bars.

Skin problems and soap

Long time ago, people hardly had any skin issues. There were very rare cases of eczema, psoriasis and other skin conditions but all of a sudden, these and many others were triggered as a result of human made chemicals that are used in the modern world. They are used in synthetic soaps, shampoo, skincare products and makeup as well as  cleaning products and laundry detergents; on everything that is basically in direct contact with our skin.

Although it doesn’t say on the label that handmade soap will heal such skin issues, this is definitely something to think about.

Whatever we’ve seen and experienced so far, handmade soap can do “miracles”. It has sorted out ever-long-time acne problems (Check our Detox Facial Bars)and we had lots of amazing feedbacks from people with eczema or dryness, saying that their skin is way better than before (Check our French Rose Clay & Goat’s Milk Bars), ever since they’re using our products.

What is Glycerine and why we love it?

We like to call it the “moisture magnet”. This ingredient is highly valued, mainly for its nourishing benefits because it attracts and locks in moisture to the skin without clogging the pores. Glycerine naturally occurs during soap production as a result in the saponification process. The Higher the temperature during saponification, the higher the Glycerine content in the final product.

Why Glycerine is removed from commercial soap bars?

First of all, it’s a highly priced ingredient that can be sold or used in other more expensive products. Removing  the precious Glycerine will make any soap dry and cheap with weak lather and no hydrating qualities.

Commercial brands want to max out shelf life to literally forever. With no Glycerine in the formula, and lots of preservatives added, the soap will be dry and last ages on the shelves, without ever going wrong.

We at Jade™ Luxury Handmade Bath and Body Soaps, do not remove this precious ingredient from our soaps, in fact we boost Glycerine production with our in-house technique to achieve an even higher level of it in our soap bars. It will not affect the shelf life of our soaps since we use other techniques and natural ingredients to preserve them.

Natural additives

The added essential oils provides amazing benefits. For example, Tea Tree oil treats acne by being antibacterial and antiviral, Frankincense oil can reduce wrinkles. Clays do not only give beautiful natural colours to our soaps, but also help with cleansing, exfoliating as well as filling the skin with amazing minerals.

Are all handmade soaps good?

The short answer is no. It highly depends on the formula, just because it’s handmade it doesn’t mean it does not contain any synthetic ingredients or that it’s formulated correctly. Always check the ingredients before you buy and if you don’t understand what you see, just do a quick research on Google, or send us a line 😉

Our Glycerine-rich soaps are formulated professionally to be in harmony with the soap’s natural pH in order to leave the skin soft and moisturised. We work together with certified formulators to produce professionally formulated all-natural bars that are extremely moisturising to the skin, thanks to our nourishing, high-quality ingredients and advanced techniques.

So the answer to the main question is NO! Professionally formulated handmade soap is not bad for the face, in fact it should be the main cleanser used daily.


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